Supply Chain:

Why Barchorn Nigeria Limited?

It is company policy to aggressively seek opportunities for improvement of quality in all respect as well as reduction of quality costs, whilst retaining competitiveness. This shall be achieved through continuous recording and control of quality problems, research and development within the company, training of personnel and good communication with suppliers and clients. Safety with regard to health and environment shall be taken into account for all activities within the company.  This implies that safety shall be planned and that the organization shall use relevant documentation on health and environment for evaluation of development work and for choosing products and systems.


The company’s personnel are responsible for work being performed in accordance with the job instructions and procedures of this manual. In other word, they give rapt attention to details, terms and documents of all contracts with the adoption of latest technological facility efficiencies.

They are also responsible for carrying out work according to the specified requirements for each contract and co-operate to achieve the company’s objectives.

Leading personnel are responsible for systematically collecting and recording all information affecting work, progress and completion of a contract.

Project Manager shall contribute to motivate co-workers to carry out their work according to the quality requirements of this manual, and provide necessary and relevant education training (with experience) for each individual.


The Managing Director reports to the Board.  He is ultimately responsible for all activities within the company.  He has the superior responsibility and authority to ensure that all operational, technical, finance, administration and personnel policy are in accordance with the quality system.

The Project Manager reports to the Managing and is the Daily Leader of BARCHORN Nigeria Limited operating department onshore and offshore.  He is responsible for managing and supervising current contracts and ensures good contact with established and potential clients.  He is responsible for answering tenders and ensures proper contract handling in accordance with the quality system.

In relation to quality assurance, he also has the responsibility to ensure that the necessary instructions and procedures within his field of responsibility are established.