The management of BARCHORN NIGERIA LIMITED considered no aspect or phase of the business as important as safety at work.  Therefore, the company is totally committed to the implementation and improvement of its employees and co-worker (other employees, every client/services company personnel, customers and members of the host community) with the primary objective of protecting life, property and the environment from damages and or loss.

The Management also recognizes that, for effective implementation of its SHES POLICY, like and other, required a collective / well co-coordinated effort and equal commitment. Hence it has approved a SHES STRUCTURE showing line responsibilities solely for effective administration of its SHES POLICY. Each employee therefore must understand that he is own as well as his co-worker’s immediate safety supervisor. A visible action for a co-workers safety will go a long way in achieving a SAFE WORK ENVIRONMENT

The Management of BARCHORN NIGERIA LIMITED wishes to categorically make it clear that in a relatively brief document as our SHES POLICY, it is possible to deal on or cover aspects of SHES. However in a strange situation employees are required to act in a logical and mature way by applying common sense and experience of basic safety skills and working practice. The sound application of such attributes will be greatly rewarded.

To assist us achieve the objective of our SHES POLICY every employee and co-worker is required to adhere committed to the policies and procedure herein stated in our SHES POLICY MANUAL and to utilize every facilities and opportunity to be provided by Barchorn. In summary everyone is advised to relate safety with his work environment (co-worker, host community, work material and equipment etc) and not to start any until safety is ensured.