The management of BARCHORN NIGERIA LIMITED believes in its policy of qualitative services. A policy designed to pursue and executive its business objective with sincere, thorough, safe and competent application of relevant/appropriate engineering and management principle and techniques.

To affirm this as well as to ensure implementation, the management of Barchorn has produced its QUALITY ASSURANCE AND CONTROL POLICY (QA & QC POLICY), This policy is designed primarily to provide basic assurance implementation guideline and checks for the use of all concerned.

Through the day to day co-ordination of all quality assurance matters is solely the responsibility of unit heads, its implementation required equal commitment from all person at all levels. Every employee is therefore required to adhere committed to this plan and to utilize effectively the facilities and opportunities to be provided by us.

In summary everyone is advised to carry out assigned task professionally and in conformity with applicable statutory requirement or standard companies QUALITY ASSURANCE AND CONTROL POLICY