Barchorn Nigeria Limited, without mincing words, has sincerely vowed to harness the professional knowledge and methods professed in design and construction of works to ensure that all projects, supplies or contracts are put to optimum use for the benefits of our esteemed and proposed clients.

Comprehensive engineering design and consultancy services are provided at each stage of the development of a project. In this industry we apply engineering principles to design and develop systems, structures, processes, and instruments.

In barchorn, we render best and qaulity services to our clients.

Barchorn Nigeria Limited also provides multi-disciplinary Engineering Design and Project Management and consultancy services to clients. We are committed to building a sustainable future by fostering a collaborative spirit that creates exceptional experiences, balanced relationships, and enhances a community’s built environment.


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Built to Achieve

With a foundation built on balance, integrity, loyalty and leadership, BARCHORN NIGERIA LIMITED is built to achieve. For over years these core values have driven us to deliver the highest standard of excellence through our unyielding commitment to addressing each of our clients’ unique needs. We bring unparalleled experience, passion and ability to every project. That is our benchmark: knowing everything we build is built to achieve.